Nightlife is one of the most exciting aspects of being in a big city. It’s the entertainment that everyone can be a part of and it's a lifestyle that has something for every taste.     

It is also one of the few adult activities where very few people learn what to do before they jump in. There are all kinds of ways to learn how to drive, swim or camp out in the woods. But there are no definitive “rules of the road” for nightlife culture. Each one these activities are more fun after you learn what to do. We think nightlife is no different.    

The Nightlife Safety Guide will be that definitive book. We won't tell you how to get into a club or how to get a girl's phone number, but we will help you avoid drunks, pickpockets and anyone else who might turn your good night into a bad one. We’ve talked to experts both inside and outside nightlife culture to provide the most relevant safety tips and information.    

Your donation will help pay for the writing, editing, design and distribution of this guide. Our plan is to provide it for free to colleges, health centers and youth organizations in major cities throughout the United States. We will also make the guide available in PDF format online on our website . The list of donors will be included with the guide to let every reader know that you support not only nightlife culture but the safety of everyone who enjoys the night.     

Thank you for your support. If you have any questions, please contact us at    


Gamal Hennessy, Esq. 


Nightlife Cultural Initiative   

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